• Patrick Cox

The illusion of control

After Brexit, decision-making power might return to London, but much influence and political power will be lost in the process.

The Wizard of Oz is surprised as the curtain is pulled back revealing him as a fraud
Once the curtain is pulled back, how much control will the UK have?

There's an excellent long article by Sky News's political editor Faisal Islam published today. I've clipped a short section which I think illustrates my point better than I could.

(1) If Brexit really does happen, there will be a lot of choices which will be dressed up as having been made in London but that just-so-happen to be the carbon copies of ones made in the EU, thus allowing us to trade effectively. I.e. what a waste of everyone's time.

(2) Take Back Control? No - more like just giving it away. And that's not even taking into account that many big companies might well just leave rather than face regulatory uncertainties.

(3) Here's the kicker: we get less influence post-Brexit over those regulations drawn up oversea (with our help btw, and some of which we quite like anyway). Dumb to the power of dumber.

Political decisions will be made in Britain post-Brexit. What won't be decided on these shores is the long term direction of travel. Eurosceptics have long complained that our Westminster parliament was reduced to a mere rubber-stamp by membership of the EU. What an incredible irony that their own vigour and cunning in putting their case will unintentionally further reduce the power of those institutions they claim to hold so dear. They might still be able to choose the colour of the ink on the stamp perhaps.


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